Monday, March 29, 2010

As Time Rolls By

Bogwater Jim
Lafayette, NJ 07848


As the years roll by, items that aren't "proper" antiques, but vintage, nostalgic and retro, interest us more and more. Out-of-date styles and low-tech materials look familiar, yet dated in a quirky way. Visual buried checking out the old high school yearbook.

The roller skates pictured are a good example.

No velcro, nylon or graphite here. These are manly skates...heavy and hand-tied. Their bruised leather and worn wooden wheels are emblems of action. They hail from a time when "circuit" meant once around the rink. I'll wager they spent many a Saturday night laced to a guy falling for a girl, or perhaps, just falling.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friendly paintings

Bogwater Jim
Lafayette, NJ


Of course, we love old china. There is the richness of the cobalt blue that ginger jars wear and the comfort of the swaggy little borders on plates that filled the cupboards of our childhood.

But oil paintings picturing these items sometimes thrill us even more. It's like seeing an old friend become famous.

Still lifes that offer that "reach-into-the-painting" sensation are a feast for the soul as well as the eye.

As realistic as these portrayals might be, there is
always a softness that canvas renders unavoidable.

Still-life artists possess the knowledge of what touches us and the skill to capture the essence of their subjects.

"Ladle and Plate", Robert Sabo/ 2007
"Ginger Jar", G. Rhodes/ English/ 1923

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Container Day

Bogwater Jim
Lafayette, NJ 07848


Sure...the new merchandise that arrives from the UK looks good set up in the shop. But, let's be honest. It's much more appealing when everything is strewn all over the driveway, half-wrapped and crated.

If it weren't for the elements, etc. , we'd be tempted to walk away, leaving it topsy-turvy, as is, upside down, unpriced and unpolished....the display we all find most intriguing.

Sorry folks, we have to bring it inside!