Monday, February 8, 2010

Tailor's Dummy Re-purposed

Bogwater Jim
Lafayette, NJ


Tailor's Dummy Re-purposed

Lucky me.....I have the most clever friends! Francis and Barbara, English colleagues, have installed a tailor's dummy in their entryway. It wears a worn leather coat, topped with an old fisherman's jacket, loaded with pockets. This "sculpture" is quirky and has great character, but it wasn't until I examined it closely that I realized it is also the "charging station" for their mobile phones. With the wires snaked up the back, behind the lapels and aimed in different directions , everyone's phone gets its own pocket.

There was no choice...........I had to swipe the idea.

Upon my return, I quickly dressed my old mannequin in a sporty, vintage Admiral's jacket and wired it up. Everyone loves it. It adds personality to the room. I like the way it looks and I like what it hides. Best of all...........It reminds me to charge the phone!